Political factors affecting coca cola australia

Such trends can lead to a decline in the popularity of Coca Cola products. The bill—a last-minute, backroom deal negotiated and written in secret by beverage industry lobbyists and their allies—is a significant step backwards in the ongoing effort to reduce overconsumption of sugary drinks.

It is recommended that the company increase its market penetration in high-growth markets. Such economic crises impact the customers. The technology helps in production of stylish, colourful, non-refillable cans and bottles which are attracting the children and youth and thus becoming a marketing tool for Coca-cola in promoting its products.

Coca Cola PEST Analysis

In order to remain profitable, Coca Cola has to invest heavily in it. Small, independent retailers form the backbone of our business. Gradually the country is adopting the attest technologies like 3G and 4G. Coca-cola is having around above different products.

Any gifts to the matched organization come from a general corporate treasury fund — neither The Coca-Cola Company nor the individual PAC contributor receives a tax deduction for these donations.

These laws are approved by the legislation as well as imposed by Government. Get Assignment Help from MyAssignmenthelp. For this the company has opened various recycling plants where the plastic bottles and water are recycled.

If the company fails to adhere or follow these legal laws would create a negative impact on the brand image and company has to pay serious penalties. Pestle Analysis In Table Political The political environment of India is influenced by various factors like government policies, interest of political parties.

The strong growing economy is doing well. Younger generations are getting physique conscious and they are getting very concerned about the nutritional value of Coca-Cola drinks. Coca Cola, also feels the pinch from time to time. In relation, governments have evolving public health policies, which present a threat and an opportunity for the restaurant chain business.

The reactions have been fierce. Download the report PDF We have some 20 million customers around the world. But other environment factors like pollution, carbon footprint etc can be controlled by humans and the organisations. The company has also planted so many trees to save water.

Similarly, the rising costs of the raw products is an important factor affecting Coca Cola.

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Consumers are switching back to normal habits while going to shopping, malls or restaurants. Furthermore, the business can improve its mobile services to reach more consumers via its mobile apps.

What political factors could affter coca-cola?

This tendency is also linked to busy lifestyles in urban environments. Coca-cola along with its bottling companies stands first in production and distribution channel in the world.

This economic factor affects the Coca-Cola Company because a bigger portion of it’s operations are in China. If the economy in China is deteriorating, it would affect the Coca-Cola Company as well.

Political Factors Affecting Coca Cola Australia. the environmental factors that could possibly affect their marketing both globally and domestically. The Coca-Cola Company and Subsidiaries have many environmental factors that affect their global and domestic marketing decisions.

Apr 13,  · Best Answer: Well, the US govt is considering putting a tax on sugary "foods". That would certainly affect how much people buy (the govt hopes) and Coke's bottom line.

Macro Factors Affecting Coca Cola

In countries that for political reasons become anti-American (Iran, we used to trade with them before their Revolution), sales would plummet Status: Resolved. A threat that the Coca Cola Company had to face recently due to the changes in the political factors was the War against Iraq made USA and UK very unpopular in Middle East 5/5(8).

Political factors. Coca Cola products are at the mercy of the FDA. They must meet regulations, given by the government, to put products on store shelves.

Political Factors Of Coca Cola. History of Coca Cola Company Coca Cola was invented by Dr. John Pemberton in when he concocted a mixture of water, sugar, caffeine and extracts of the coca leaf and the kola nut.


The concoction was originally marketed as a headache remedy, but was not successful due to poor advertising and Pemberton’s ailing health.

Political factors affecting coca cola australia
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