Physics resistance of a wire coursework method

Physics: Greater range of results for resistance in experiment for shorter wire - why?

The longer the wire the more ions there are for the electrons to get past. If I was going to make improvements to the experiment, I would have tried to make the constantan wire length as accurate as can be.

This could be either it has a closer ions or more ions than other metals. Make sure that your work is adequately spell checked and proof read.

The resistance of a piece of wire is 1 ohm if a current of 1 A flows through it when a voltage of 1 V is applied between its ends. Prediction Frog I stake that the longer the wire the relevant the entire, and the incorrect the wire the raw writing an essay outline worksheet resistance.

GCSE physics by Duncan clearly states the resistance of a wire is proportional to its length quadrupling the length quadruples the resistance And lets revise GCSE science also suggests, the length of wire is proportional to its resistance Apparatus- Rulercm long with the wire attached to it with tape.

To complete the circuit. Teaching notes 1 Use fine gauge wires. This includes time taken for preparation, but not teaching and learning time. Beginning from cm and ending at 10cm.

Review - Rb - reviewing confidence in the hypothesis Say whether or not you agree with your original hypothesis. Also, the apparatus I had use of at school would not be suitable if I were to keep increasing the length of the wire; e.

Variables Safety I will ensure experimental safety by confirming that all the wires are connected properly and that none of the insulation on the wires is worn.

Discussion Overall, my results are very consistent with my predictions. However, where this is not the case strict rules will apply as to the level of help teachers can give in assisting candidates with re-drafting. Ohms law assignments that the experimental carefree in a conversation is proportional to the beginning difference between its ends.

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In my physics coursework I am going to investigate the effect of the length of a wire on its resistance. Resistance is the measure of how easy it is for current to flow through a wire. Current is the rate of flow of charge through a conductor, and it is measured in amps using an ammeter.3/5(2).

Physics GCSE coursework: Resistance of wire Aim: To investigate if the length of wire affects its resistance. Prediction (Hypothesis): I predict that the longer the wire the higher the resistance, and the shorter the wire the lower the resistance.

Physics Coursework Objective: My objective in this experiment is to investigate one of the factors that affect the resistance of a piece of wire; the one I am investing is the length at constant temperature. 3 Students should come to understand that the resistance of a wire depends on its length, its cross sectional area, and the material out of which it is made.

With some students you could go further and introduce the concept of resistivity ρ, through the relationship R = ρ l / A where R = resistance, ρ = resistivity, l = length and A = cross-sectional area. Coursework: An I nvestigation into the strength of an wire may have a different resistance, length or type and conduct differently.

Voltage: Needs to be 6V all the time. The same power supply will be used at all Method 1. Wrap 5 coils of wire around the centre of the C-core, assembling so it.

An Investigation Into the Resistance of a Wire - GCSE Physics Coursework Physics resistance of a wire coursework method
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GCSE Physics: Resistance & Length