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The Customer Portal is an extranet offered by Professional Advantage to their clients to give them a complete view of the projects progress in detail.

Every division has space for its own tailored library, calendar, news and group communications. Fitted with sensors to measure heart rate, body temperature, an accelerometer to measure helmet impacts, and a GPS to track location, the helmet monitors these data and passes them to an Azure cloud to be analyzed, allowing the team to determine where someone is on a work site and monitor important health indicators.

At their recommendation we met with and engaged Professional Advantage to take on the remainder of the deployment. Rebuilding Microsoft Exchange By: Owing to the positive feedback from Cimarex employees, the company decided to deploy Accellion Secure Collaboration for use across all four office locations.

He pulled out all stops to get it done. Developing commercialized IP A dental provider based in Australia and New Zealand needed to consolidate and run reports on thousands of medical files gathered across its practice network. He was very skilful technically and also had a great attitude.

Maynilad Water Services, Inc. Some business processes are based on set of documents that need to be filled in, and submitted internally and by external users applicantsand each document in this process can be categorised as one of the Document Types required in completing the process.

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For some years the organisation used an intranet to assist in internal communications but by the technology was looking dated. A place for everything From an internal perspective Cancer Council's activities are managed through a number of different business units or divisions including marketing and communications, cancer research, health strategies, information and support services, corporate services, people, learning and culture, and state wide or regional services.

It was software that gave us room to grow. Beyond extending the value of its investment in Active Directory, UrbaCon can now take full advantage of workflow tools in Microsoft SharePoint Server to automate business processes.

Davies monitored progress on Professional Advantage's client project portal. He pulled out all stops to get it done. An associate can be a customer, partner, vendor, remote employees or an organization that interacts with you for business. What can we put together that saves us effort tomorrow based on the things we learned yesterday.

The organization aims at setting up an intranet portal in Office to collaborate between their internal employees across multiple departments.

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SharePoint was used for collaboration and document sharing with students, but it was not a viable, long-term solution for the company. This allowed us to match the previous functionality of the incumbent DM platform so that users were able to achieve the same user experience they were used to having without the need for formal training.

A series of launch events and training were scheduled and a competition was held to find a name for the new Intranet. And because security is the utmost priority for the company, the role-based security across the Microsoft Dynamics CRM solution ensures that confidential customer information receives the highest protection.

By providing access to email and voice mail all in one place, together with presence awareness and on-demand conferencing and chat tools through Lync Online, UrbaCon is now better equipped to support the productivity needs of its mobile workforce.

Also, our extranet expertise using SharePoint provides business value by building a centralized, self-service area for your associates to find required information, seek support, raise issues, offer feedback and interact real-time with your brand.

Something had gone wrong with their Exchange system, and now Microsoft had told them that the best solution was rebuilding Microsoft Exchange completely.

Solution UrbaCon executives searched for a solution to replace Google Apps. Each of such documents group is stored either SharePoint folder or in Document Library.

Our tools and strategy builds business context to Enterprise content through meaningful Collaboration. Empower your teams with file sharing, file storage, online meetings, real-time coauthoring and more.

Davies explains, "Our original services partner had to drop out due to unforeseen circumstances. At their recommendation we met with and engaged Professional Advantage to take on the remainder of the deployment.

It was regarded as a leading-edge solution for Shoosmiths having leveraged learnings from other industries around document management rather than relying on incumbent providers within the legal sector only.

Get industry-leading security, high availability and disaster recovery, an easy on-ramp to the cloud, and the ability to exponentially accelerate the performance of your mission-critical applications.

In the most interesting cases, platforms are designed as a foundation for customized solutions. Have audio calls, video calls and online meetings. They have an aim to build an organized intranet portal to collaborate amongst their employees and a mega menu to quickly access other application from the portal.

It provides approximatelyinformation booklets to hospitals, treatment centres, libraries and individuals. Weekly news summaries keep staff informed of the latest happenings at Cancer Council. You also need to test and validate that you can, indeed, use an Exchange backup to restore it.

Cimarex employees are in constant contact with external stakeholders such as land and well owners, regularly sharing large documents that contain sensitive data:. Oct 23,  · The procedures and policies of how an organization stores documents uploaded from CRM to SharePoint vary between companies.

Actually, the two most important parameters in storing documents in SharePoint are metadata and the folder structure where documents are stored.

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Sep 04,  · Case Study: Construction Company Replaces Google with Microsoft OfficeBoosts Productivity By Stephen Bury, on September 4, June 23, Note: This is an abbreviated version of a case study. Read Construction case studies from leading tech companies for latest analysis and opinion about technology innovations.

construction project manager eSUB standardizes project management procedures so project managers can easily enter data, site events, labor activities, material costs, workforce information and more into a fully searchable database updated in real-time.

Secure File Sharing in Architecture, Engineering and Construction: Cimarex. written by Case Study May 9, Accellion Secure File Transfer and Microsoft SharePoint.

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Case Study: Digital Realty Saves Water With Innovative Cooling Technology September 2, Search AvePoint's Case Studies, showing how DocAve and AvePoint software have delivered solutions to the world's most esteemed organizations.

Loading United States U.S. Department of State Manages and Protects Microsoft SharePoint Environment for 30, Users with AvePoint. Learn how the U.S. Department of State scanned SharePoint for.

Microsoft sharepoint case study construction
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